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TROBO's Cool Machines!

Take an Engineering-inspired tour of fourteen machines! Join TROBO to see how cool machines like jet packs, dirt bikes, hang gliders, elevators, and more work!   Download now! Screenshots:   Download now!

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Toy Dinosaurs Get a TROBO Bedtime Story

We just discovered this delightful review of TROBO from our friends at Toy Pals TV.  Three adorable dino kids want a bedtime story after Dad pulls a "double" at work.  Mom saves the day by getting the kiddos a TROBO to read them the Shark Tank story, so Dad can have a rest. UPDATES SINCE THE VIDEO:  This video was produced in March 2016.  We're now in early December.  Customers get lots more stories and games unlocked with the purchase of their TROBO.  The price of the doll is lower than back in March as well. This is one of our favorite reviews for being so creative.  Thanks to Toy Pals for such an entertaining production.   See how you...

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Sketching TROBO Smoking Box Scene

This is a 4x speed video of a 45 min sketch/inking of a chapter illustration in TROBO's first paperback book for older children. The book gives a sneak peek into where TROBOs come from!  The illustration is done using a Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 12 with digitizer screen and a Mircrosoft surface Pro 2 pressure pen.  It's like a Wacom tablet and pen.TROBOs are robots that make science and math cool again. Join our newsletter to hear when the book is announced. 

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KNOWN BUG: Officer TROBO "locks" the TROBO app

Dear Customers,   Today we learned there is a bug in our Halloween release (orange colored app icon as shown to the left, Oct 05, 2016, Version: 1.4.3065). Selecting the Officer TROBO story will "soft lock" or "crash" the app.  We have a bug fix in place and will be pushing a release to Apple to fix that bug. For now, please avoid selecting the Officer TROBO story in this release.   If you have "crashed" the app like this, you can double-tap the main "home" button on the iOS device, and when all the apps that are running are shown in a scrollable list, swipe the TROBO app off the screen (up) to kill it.  Then you restart the app. It takes...

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Trick or Treat TROBO!

Free to Owners: Take TROBO Trick or Treating with you! The latest app will unlock a free screen to TROBO owners that makes TROBO say two phrases: "Trick or Treat" "Thank you" What do you do? Download the latest TROBO app.   Charge TROBO's module and pair it with your iPhone or iPad.   Turn it's volume all the way up, so it can be heard at the neighbor's door. Tell your kiddo to take TROBO to the door with him or her. Once your kiddo gets candy, press TROBO's buttons too. Tell kiddo to get TROBO's candy too. Watch the neighbors smile as they enjoy a novel Halloween experience! :] Fun Tips: Practice a couple times at home, so your kiddo is ready to...

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