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TROBO Update: Starter Studio Halfway Point

Chris and Jeremy

Chris and Jeremy

Last night was the Starter Studio “Social Hour with the Starters” which marked the half-way point of our Starter Studio journey.  Chris and I had the opportunity to present our progress.

In the past six weeks, we have accomplished a lot.  We have received our first prototype (and started on our second batch), we have continued the development of our prototype app, we have applied for two SBIR grants and we have been accepted into the ABC Kid’s Expo’s Invention Connection (we’ll talk about that more in a future post).

We are excited about building to the Starter Studio Demo Day in August (more details to follow) as well as our impending Kickstarter campaign.

We are grateful to all of the help we have received from Gregg, Brian, Stephen and the rest of the Starter Studio team as well as the opportunity to work alongside some great people from Outhouse Games, Flight Fishing, FLBlogCon, Joicaster and ClickClok.  We are excited about the next few weeks and we will keep you posted on our progress.

We would love to keep you updated on our progress (especially as our Kickstarter campaign gets closer.  Please join our mailing list by clicking the link below and – as a reward – we will give you early access to a free download of our first story “How Honey is Made”Click here to join our Mailing List.

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