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Education: The Maker Movement

Maker Faire Orlando

The Deseret News recently wrote an interesting article about the role of the Maker movement in STEM education.  For those unfamiliar with the Maker movement, it started with the publishing of the first Make magazine in 2005.  Make is a great resource for parents, kids and tinkerers of all ages.  It’s full of step-by-step instructions about how to build interesting projects including robots, LED flashlights, etc.  The magazine teaches how to build cool projects using easy-to-find objects and it is also full of kits that are fairly inexpensive and fun to build.

An offshoot of Make magazine has been the Maker Faire phenomenon where makers from around the world get together to show off their wares, sell products and present learning sessions to teach others about projects.

The Maker movement is a great way to introduce kids to Science and Engineering.  There is nothing better than learning something hands-on and the step-by-step approach is a a great way to start.  Visit a Maker Faire to learn how to begin tinkering or pick up an issue of Make.

TROBO is excited to be a part of Maker Faire Orlando – September 13 & 14th at the Orlando Science Center.  We hope we will see you there!

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