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STEM Heroes

Ada Lovelace

We have talked a lot recently about the role that STEM plays in popular culture.  Yesterday was Ada Lovelace Day.  Ada Lovelace was an incredibly inspiring mathematician who worked with Charles Babbage on the Analytical Engine (an early version of a computer). 

When people are asked to cite their female STEM heroes, Lovelace is one of the most common choices from people in-the-know, largely because people often can't think of another female STEM hero.  There are plenty of them out there - Sally Ride, Marie Curie, etc. - but we don't know them as well. 

In honor of Ada Lovelace Day - and in recognition of STEM heroes everywhere - take a look at some of the amazing people out there who have worked (or are working) to make our world a better place (including our good friend Ayanna Howard!).


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