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How to Make a TROBO Cake - page2

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Mix in the food dye.  Two drops of super black into the white makes a nice TROBO grey.

Here's TROBO's face with the grey icing. (I'm already showing the ear, because I forgot to take the photo of just the face.  I put the grey icing all around the sides, so the ears and hat could stay attached to the head.

Two drops of standard yellow dye bring the lemon icing to a sunnier yellow to match TROBO's ear.

Use the template's right ear to carve out the cake.

Next up, the blue ear:

No food coloring here.  The icing is already rich blue.

Cut out and icing the red hat (or disk):

Mistake #2 here, I ran out of red dye.  This hat should have been a red, not a pink.  Ah well, still yummy, when it's midnite and you gotta get up at 6am. :]

 Go to Page 3 for the Fondant portion.

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