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Trick or Treat TROBO!

Free to Owners: Take TROBO Trick or Treating with you!

The latest app will unlock a free screen to TROBO owners that makes TROBO say two phrases:

  1. "Trick or Treat"
  2. "Thank you"

What do you do?

  1. Download the latest TROBO app.  
  2. Charge TROBO's module and pair it with your iPhone or iPad.  
  3. Turn it's volume all the way up, so it can be heard at the neighbor's door.
  4. Tell your kiddo to take TROBO to the door with him or her.
  5. Once your kiddo gets candy, press TROBO's buttons too.
  6. Tell kiddo to get TROBO's candy too.
  7. Watch the neighbors smile as they enjoy a novel Halloween experience! :]

Fun Tips:

Practice a couple times at home, so your kiddo is ready to build a great trick or treating memory with TROBO.  You can even dress TROBO up with cute costumes for extra fun. We recommend you get them from Build-A-Bear (or search for Build-A-Bear costumes on Amazon).  Most of them have worked really well for us in the past.

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