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What is SNOT???

Have you ever wondered what is in snot, or better yet, has your child asked you what is wrong with it?  Well join TROBO and go inside your pal's nose to see what snot is made of.  Learn about germs, how we fight them, and save our friend from being sick.  Get a tissue and prepare yourself for an oooey gooey fun time!  Download now!
We learn not only what is in snot, but also that germs are in it when we're sick.  Enjoy simple games, simple questions, and a friendly reminder to wash our hands as well.
Renew your child's love for TROBO with this new story, and watch how they revisit the old stories too!!
Here are some sneak previews:


  • Chris Harden

    Hehehe, we’re glad you like the story, guys! Thanks for your support!! :]

  • Sharon Cohen

    Jeremy this is so adorable and informative. I do not like germs!

  • Bruce

    It’s snot unusual that Trobo would think of this. He knows a lot

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