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What are TROBOs?

TROBOs are plushy robot friends wirelessly connected to your iPad or iPhone. Children hear TROBO's voice coming from the plushies, which brings the dolls to life. They are CUDDLY by design, as they are companions first and teachers second. TROBOs read digital storybooks (about STEM - see below) on the device to your child. TROBOs exist as characters in the stories. The stories have the child’s name and likeness in them, so as the child goes on the adventure with TROBO, he or she builds an emotional connection with the content being taught. Watch our video


What is STEM?

STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. There is a nationwide push to get child more interested in STEM topics.
TROBO provides a fun way to teach STEM to young children.

Why do I want one?

Getting a headstart on children’s education is vital to their success in school. They learn tomorrow based on what they learned today. Without guilt, parents can give their iPads to their children enabling them to learn while playing instead of watching mindless videos or playing mindless games. Stories make even technical things much easier to remember. As an example, one of the creators' 2 year old sons told him, "Bees make honey," after only having seen the story twice. He did so a week after having seen it. Another 2 year old told his parents, "Bees make honey", several hours after only seing the story once in user trials.

How do I know the stories are right for my children?

We have a growing panel of educators and a parental focus group who review our stories and applications for age-appropriateness, user experience improvement, and features. We regularly run user testing with children in our target age range (2-5).

Who should I get one for?

Boys and Girls age 2-5 with access to an iPad or iPhone. Think of children, grand children, nieces, nephews, cousins, children of friends, schools, etc...

When and where can I get one?

We completed a successful Kickstarter campaign in October 2014 and we are now shipping!  Click here to order your TROBO!

TROBO was born at Orlando Startup Weekend.  Thank you to the team's participants and to #SWORL for helping TROBO launch learning adventures around the world.