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(photo courtesy Orlando Magazine)

TROBO was created by two fathers - Jeremy and Chris - who wanted to give their children better toys.  They saw how their children were curious about what was going on in the world around them, yet their mindless toys and apps did nothing to satisfy their curiosity. 

So Chris and Jeremy used their experience as engineers in the theme park and video game industries to create TROBOs - lovable, huggable companions that could teach young children about science, technology, engineering and math (or STEM) in a fun new way.  By using interactive stories that made the child the star of the show, TROBOs can answer kids questions about STEM in the world around them before they can read on their own.

TROBO was created in 2013 and had a successful Kickstarter campaign in October of 2014.  Here are some more of our highlights:

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Chris Harden, CPO Jeremy Scheinberg, CEO
Steven Yee, Consultant Ridvan Aliu, Consultant
Kristin Sholler, Artist Ashlee Hynes, Artist
Scott Pellico, Artist Casey Boehm, Artist
Adam Almog, Project Manager/Tech Lead Bjorn Shala, Developer
Durim Jusaj, Developer Alexander Delesky, Developer
Nerxhan Musliu, Web Developer Nola Li Barr, Writer
Loretta Kwan, Writer Aralis Bloise, Writer
Deborah Vera, Writer Hitsusi "2c" Hiurmi, PhD,  UCF Educator
Deidre Englehart, PhD, UCF Educator Gina Cole, Educator
Evan Frank, Market Research