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We'd like to introduce you to MiTCH TROBO.  He's the latest addition to TROBO's cast of characters.  TROBOs are Teaching Robots.  MiTCH was created for the 2017 iTCH Hour of Code event. MiTCH coaches students through completion of their lessons during the event.  He offers tips, guidance videos, and awards badges for each completed step of the event.  His first class shows children how to use Scratch to make a character (called a "sprite") move around a computer screen and to animate.  “We believe iTCH is one of the cutting edge providers of Scratch classroom training.  We are honored for to collaborate with them to inspire thousands of children during the Hour of Code event.”, said Chris Harden, CPO TROBO.

Like all TROBOs, who are named after someone who contributed something huge to the world of STEAM, MiTCH is named after one of the founders of Scratch and block-based coding. And like all TROBOs, he loves to teach code to children.  His friends Curie and Newton TROBO teach STEM topics with their iOS mobile app:

Ucodemy's iTCH brings all the features of Scratch into the classroom environment. All running on private servers, iTCH provides all the features of Scratch but without all the headaches of the open Internet. "Trobo was the perfect choice for iTCH to partner with for the hour of code. We needed an intelligent assistant for coding to help kids stay engaged throughout the activity, leading them through all the steps the needed to finish the activity," said Jason Rukman, Founder iTCH.

If you haven't heard about it, Scratch and Scratch Jr. are simple, drag and drop tools that show people how to program with no training.  In minutes children can cause wonderful, inspiring things to happen in software.

If you have not heard of Hour of Code, that is an annual event where companies around the world offer fun coding challenges to teach new coders what it would be like to build software.  Hour of Code educates the world about coding.

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MiTCH was created by Chris Harden.  TROBOs were created by Chris Harden and Jeremy Scheinberg.  MiTCH and all TROBO characters, stories, etc... are copyright 2015 and later.  All rights reserved.

iTCH was created by Jason Rukman, Pasho Toska and Steven Yee.