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Frequently Asked Questions

    Does TROBO work with Android phones/tablets?

    • Sorry, but TROBO works with iOS devices (iPads and iPhones) only.

    What iOS devices does TROBO work with?

      • TROBO works with iOS devices running iOS version 7 or later.  This includes iPhones, iPads, iPad Minis and iPod Touch devices.

          What age is TROBO for?

          • We designed TROBO to be for kids ages 2-5. 

          I bought a TROBO.  How do I get my 4 stories and games?

          • Inside the manual is a unique unlock code.  Go to to register your TROBO using that unique unlock code.  Create a username and password and - when you login to the app with those credentials - your stories will unlock automatically.  Please don't lose/throw out your manual (that code is unique to your TROBO!)

          What languages are the stories in?

            • The stories are currently in English and Spanish.  Our platform can support multiple languages and we will be adding additional languages based on demand.

              Does the TROBO toy require WiFi?

                • No WiFi is necessary.  The TROBO communicates with the iOS device via Bluetooth.

                  Do I need to be online for my TROBO to work?

                    • Nope!  You do not need an active Internet connection to use TROBO.  You will need a connection, however, to download additional stories from the App Store and you will need to connect to the Internet at least once every 30 days to verify your subscription.

                    Do Newton and Curie have different voices?

                    • Yes.  Each character has its own voice?

                    Will my TROBO be able to pronounce my child's name?

                    • Yes.  You (or your child) can enter the name and test TROBO's pronunciation.  If TROBO needs help pronouncing the name, you have the option of entering the name phonetically.

                    Is the TROBO Chest Module rechargeable?

                    • Yes.  The TROBO Chest Module comes with a USB-to-Micro USB cable and can be recharged using a standard USB charger.

                    I bought the toy and I love it!  Now how do I get my stories?

                    • Congratulations on the newest addition to your family (every family needs a TROBO!)  Your TROBO's user manual comes with a unique code that you will use to unlock your stories.  Take that code and go to where you will use it to create a user name and password.  You will use this user name and password to login on the TROBO app and get access to your stories.

                    Do I need to have the TROBO plush toy for the app to work?

                    • No.  You can purchase the app from the iOS app store to experience the stories without the plush toy.  However, you do need the toy to play the myPal games and the entire TROBO experience is more complete when you add the toy to create an emotional bond between the child and the science content.

                    My activation code does not work?

                    • Please verify that you have followed the activation instructions (including creating your user name and password).  If you still have questions, please contact us here.

                    How do I make my TROBO louder?

                    • To increase the volume of your TROBO, you can use the volume controls on your iPad/iPhone.
                    • If you still want to make your TROBO louder, you can remove the TROBO's Chest Module and locate the two volume buttons.  Press the volume "up" button until you hear a "busy signal."  That will indicate that the Chest Module is turned to the maximum volume.
                    • Please check out this video to see how to adjust the volume.

                    Does TROBO collect information from my child and use it for marketing purposes?

                    • Absolutely not.  As parents, we feel very strongly that children's information should be kept private.  We do collect your child's first name and avatar for use in the stories and to sync those items across multiple devices that you may have (this functionality is coming soon) but we do not use this information for marketing purposes.  We do collect your email address for activation and to communicate updates about TROBO (such as new stories that are available).  We do not sell or distribute your information to anyone else.  If you want to learn more about our privacy policy, you can read it here.

                    Do I need to buy the toy or can I just buy the stories?

                    • You can download the app and buy the stories by going to the App Store.

                    What is your return policy?

                    • You can view our return and warranty policies here.

                    Uh-oh!  I forgot my password!  Now what?

                    What if I have other questions, feedback or story ideas?

                    • We would love to hear from you!  Please fill out our contact form here!

                    Product Manual

                    You can download the TROBO User's Guide here.