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Writing Contests

Create a story that will be a part of TROBO, the Storytelling Robot's first launch! TROBOs are plush toy robots who take children ages 2-5 on learning adventures on iPads & iPhones. Children are more motivated to learn with an engaging story. Help us inspire children to learn about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Don't forget to join our Writers mailing list.

ROUND 1 - Idea Submissions:

  • Write a 5-10 sentence story synopsis:
    • for each idea (you can send multiple ideas)
    • to info[--replace-at---] or
    • by midnight on the deadline date.
  • Tips:
    • Don't waste your time on a lengthy pitch. Keep it at 5-10 sentences max. Submitting a full script does not make the core idea more competitive.
    • Read Tips for your script below, if you have time.
    • Provide:
      • A story problem, the STEM that will the child will learn, and how that knowledge solves the story problem.
      • Any cool, creative things you think will make your story more enjoyable than ones others submit.

ROUND 2 - Script Submissions:

  • We’ll choose from the submissions, and ask several Writers to move forward with writing the first draft. 
  • You’ll then submit your 1st draft roughly two weeks after notification that you made it to round two. 
  • Tips for your script

If you win:

  • We’ll award you the money prize above and a “Written by” credit in the story. 
  • We can ask for up to two rounds of reasonable updates from you at no additional costs.
  • We have the right to change the script as we see fit to improve the product. 

If you don’t win this time: 

  • Join our Writers mailing list
  • We need great Writers! We’ll keep your info on record for future contests. Our goal is to eventually produce 1 story per month. It takes a LOT of good Writers to do that.


  • Stories must contain no copyrighted characters besides TROBO.
  • By submitting a synopsis or script, you agree that the rights to publish your story are created under this “Work for Hire” agreement, and that the ownership of copyrights rights are wholly transferred to SKOOKOO, LLC (our company).
  • Should you submit a story concept that is similar to a story that is later published on the TROBO platform, you will hold harmless and without legal recourse Chris Harden, Jeremy Scheinberg, SKOOKOO, LLC, or any participants of SKOOKOO, LLC, their suppliers, distributors, or other connected parties for copyright infringement.  We already have a large list of story ideas that touch on a wide range o